Matt Tanzi:
Freelance Artist, Animator, Filmmaker, Illustrator, Writer, Educator

I am, first and foremost, a self-proclaimed idiot-savant.

Animation allows me to combine mediums and ultimately create a world where all perceptions of ‘reality’ are questioned in a way that allows the viewer to consider the world they live in.

It also provides me with a tool to take the bad jokes I come up with in my head and boil them down into a questioning of ‘what defines (or decides) reality—’ specifically what the differences are between the invented realities within film and our perceived realities in the physical world. Asking these questions through social satire allows the audience to consider these questions on a personal level. As a result, it can be said that I conceive a perception of reality and translates it into artwork in order to give the audience a new perspective on their own ‘reality.’

The style of ‘satire’ is especially important to me as it provides a humorous tone in the delivery of critical observation. As a great wiseman once said, humor is an extraordinarily powerful tool. Oftentimes, it is the only weapon we have. Just because that 'man' was Roger Rabbit doesn't make it any less credible.